AI Enhanced

Audio and Video

Addavox uses machine learning to enhance your media and movie experience while cutting costs. Here are some of our AI services:

  • - Language Identification
  • - Machine Transcription
  • - Speaker Identification
  • - Machine Translation for Video
  • - Closed Captions
  • - Voice Emulation
  • - Foreign Language Voice Emulation
  • - Addavoxing

Using AI we modify your videos and movies to make the speakers, actors and actresses appear to be speaking the foreign languages using only the audio track.

When foreign movies 'lip sync' another language into the movie the actors don't appear to be speaking the same words. With AI, we change that.

The actors and actresses now look like they are actually speaking the foreign languages. That is 'Addavoxing'.

Chinese Talking


Movies in 2019 that made more internationally than domestically. Despite poor 'lip syncing'. ONLY INTERNATIONAL REVENUE LISTED.